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The 2016 DTC Holiday Gift Guide

DollarTape Club

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Its that time of year once again. Looking to get that hockey player in your life the perfect holiday gift? Here is our list of perfect gifts that no hockey player can resist and is sure to love.

Growing the Perfect Hockey Flow, A Guide

DollarTape Club

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Every Hockey players at one point or another dreams of having perfect flow. There are many different kinds and styles. Everyone's hair grows differently, but if you want to cultivate a beautiful bed of lettuce, you gotta water the seeds.

5 Things Only A Hockey Winger Would Understand

Daniel Sosa

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Winger, one of the great positions in hockey. You get to snipe, toss apples, look pretty and hopefully backcheck a little less. Here's our little tribute to wingers, with 5 things only a hockey winger would understand.

Free agency 2016, Winners and Losers

Paul Ward

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With July 1 in the books, there have been some pretty interesting moves made by teams around the league. We saw Stamkos stay in Tampa, PK and Weber get swapped, and Taylor Hall going to NJ for Adam Larssen. Let’s take a look at some of the other action that took place and see who benefited the best from the start of the free agent signings.


Gear Talk: Pro Stock Vs. Retail Hockey Sticks

Paul Ward

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If you are in the market for a new twig, you want to find the best fit for you. You may have seen some sticks online or in store that are branded as Pro Stock. Let’s take a look at what that means and give you an idea for what to look for.