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The Curious Case of John Scott

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About 4 years ago, the hockey world as a whole was introduced to Big John Scott. Almost immediately he was a recognizable name. Since his time in the NHL, Scott has had 3 multi game suspensions, and racked up only 11 points. (Fewer points than games missed due to suspension). One of the most memorable “events” occurred against eh Leafs and featured Lumber Jack Phil Kessel. Still, even with all these example of poor play, I still find myself with a bit of a soft spot for the big man.

 We all know that the Goon role has been slowly going away since the last CBA. Now we are starting to see guys like Dorsett and (Pre Toronto) Clarkson who can snipe and wheel with the 2-3rd line guys on the other team. I’ve seen people comparing Scott to Chara, how Chara was able to adapt and mature as a “giant” in the league. While there are similarities in their size, that’s pretty much where it ends. Who wouldn’t love to see a Chara Scott fight though? No matter how you feel about the guy, you have to admit that what is currently happening with the NHL All Star Game vote it a bit outrageous.

If you don’t know, Scott blew the fan vote for this year as game out of the water. A short time after announcing that he was a captain (and making shirts for his teammates no less) he was abruptly traded to Montreal and demoted to the AHL. Now, the NHL has not yet made a statement about the situation, but many including Bob McKenzie have reported that the league and the team were in cahoots in an attempt to stifle Scotts chances. There were reports that he was asked not to participate, and even to attend but not dress. Scott refused this, stating that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for he and his family.

Social media has absolutely erupted around this issue, but my question really is, how has this affected Scott as a person? He may be a real life giant, but he has feelings, and he can shoot too.


It blows my mind the guys like Mike Millbury can sit there and chastise this guy when he made his living the same way. (Millbury once left the ice, went into the stands and threw someone’s shoe at them, see below) Millbury did score quite a few goals in his career, but in a time when pads where the size of throw pillows.

This situation has been a hard one for a true hockey fan to swallow. Scott has been treated poorly throughout this whole process by his team and the league. He has remained a true pro throughout and has had nothing negative to say about the situation. For a “classless” guy like Scott (as some think) he has handled everything very well.


**UPDATE** The NHL has announced that they will allow Scott to participate in the weekends festivities, lets hope that his spirits aren't too stomped on, and he gives the fans what they want. 

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