NHL AllStar 2016 Primer – Dollar Tape Club

NHL AllStar 2016 Primer

DollarTape Club

Its almost time for the 2016 AllStar weekend. This new 3v3 format looks to excite and amaze as we see the fastest and most talented players in the world skate with tons of room. See below for the full rosters, including John Scott who we now know WILL be going and captaining his team.
As for the skills competition, what can we expect? We all know these guys has some serious skill, yes I'm including John Scott. Why you ask? see below, George Parros (Who has an Ivy League degree and countless fights in the NHL) can snipe with the best of them:
Check out the lineup of events:

· Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater

· Honda NHL Breakaway Challenge

· DraftKings NHL Accuracy Shooting

· Gatorade NHL Skills Challenge Relay

· AMP Energy NHL Hardest Shot

· Discover NHL Shootout


Personally, I love how every event has a different sponsor, including the under investigation DraftKings, at least we aren't seeing corp logos on sweaters....yet. We here at DTC are really looking forward to the Skating and Shootout portions this year, who knows maybe something like this will happen, although not likely (Russia!?!?)


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