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DTC's top 5 Favorite Hockey Shirts

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If you are a hockey player, chances are you love to rep the game, and some of your favorite brands. check out our top picks for this year and make sure you look the part, you beauty.

1. Beauty Status: Legendary Bucket T ($23.99)

This classic threat features a bucket that we all know and love, mixed with some of the Beauty Status logos. This shirt will go perfectly with a beer league and a beat up hockey bag.


2. Classic Bauer Vapor T ($22.99)

Growing up, we loved everything Bauer, this can be interchanged with your favorite brand like CCM, but we really like the classic red mixed with the Vapor logo that we all know and love.


3. Peanut Butter Celly ($20.00)















Our boys over at Howitzer Supply have some threads that are just straight up gems. we cant lie, we love them, the whole DTC team rocks these. This T is only one of the many quality threads they offer. Sauce them a visit and check them all out.

4. Gongshow American Dangle ($39.99)

Nothing like repping 'merica and your favorite sport all at the same time. While this T is a little on the steep side price-wise, the boys at Gongshow have been pumping out really good stuff for years, and we love seeing what comes out next.

5. Bardown, King of Ping ($25.99)

Who doesn't love going bar down? this T is original and clean, simple and sharp. If you're going to be out wheeling with your buddies, this is the T to wear. King of Ping. Make sure you don't forget to celly.






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