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You Know You're A Hockey Player If...

Daniel Sosa

Hockey players are a breed like no other. The only people in the world who think it's cool when they lose a tooth, but still classy enough to punch the guy who did it. Here's how you know if you're a hockey player... 

  1. You know exactly how long until the warranty expires on your new twig.
    hockey warranty

  2. Skinny jeans are simply not an option (Hockey legs).
    hockey legs

  3. People don't understand why you call them buddy.

  4. Your feet have more bumps than toes 
    Hockey Feet

  5. You refer to the NHL as The SHOW.
    the show

  6. A nice sauce is a thing of beauty. 

  7. You can out-chirp the average joe blow.

  8. Every Game is the Stanley Cup:

  9. A $150 for a new twig is a great deal.
    1x bauer hockey stick

  10. You have a tough time hanging out with guys that don't play hockey. 
    Hockey Friends!

  11. You compliment a complete strangers flow in public
    Hockey Flow

  12. You celebrate a rink with a hot shower
    hockey shower

  13. You only have Facebook because your beer league team uses a group chat for game times. It's best if your significant other doesn't see tends to mirror locker room talk.


  14.  You're allowed to refer to another man as a beaut.

  15. Your girlfriend is a "smoke-show"

  16. The color of your hockey tape matters (Check out

  17. You have a "Chel station" 
    Chel Station

  18. Your hockey gear doesn't really smell THAT BAD... or does it?

  19. You love Labatt Blue and Molson Beer: Not because it's good (That's irrelevant). But, because they have hockey players on their cans and just seem to know hockey. Trust me you want to watch this commercial:

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