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Top 4 Myths About Hockey Tape

Paul Ward

Hi Everyone! This post is meant to engage hockey players in a conversation on hockey tape best practices. We'd love to hear and see some unique and amazing ways you play the greatest sport on earth. So PLEASE comment below. 
  1. MYTH: The traditional view was that black tape was preferred because goalies couldn’t see pucks as easily on the sticks. TRUTH: My sense is that’s a dated theory ... Maybe at the very highest level, a goalie can focus on the position of a puck on a stick blade, but the reality is that that’s a long way down. You have to be very sophisticated to get to that level of skill.

  2. MYTH: You can use USP or LACES to tape your shinny's. TRUTH: You're either a roller hockey player or pure bender status. Don't do it. 

  3. MYTH: You don't NEED to tape your Butt-end. TRUTH: This myth is actually very accurate, but, it's important to remember that the top hand is primarily for stick control and not power. Therefore it is recommended that you have grip and control. Further, many leagues require a large enough butt-end to ensure a stick cannot go through a players cage. 

  4. MYTH: Tape is expensive and can only be purchased at a pro-shop. TRUTH: What kind of world would we live in if we didn't do a small shameless plug. The problem is that pro-shops have no buying power and simply act as a middle man fom manufacturers. Although we love our pro-shops their tape is very expensive. By shopping online you can get high quality hockey tape direct from manufacturers for a fraction of the price. With DTC you will always have tape and you bank account will stay full.

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