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Best (and Worst?) TJs of the Season

Paul Ward


Its been a great season. As we wind down and look forward to the playoffs, lets take quick look at some of the TJs that we loved, and maybe a few not so much...

Alex Ovechkin: Love it

Classic wide style white TJ, Ovi has been rocking this style for a few years now and we here at DTC couldn't enjoy it more. I wonder how many TJs he goes through on the power-play in his sweetspot.


Kevin Fiala: Cmon Bud...

If this kid wasn't one of the top young prospects in the NHL/AHL we would have had a field day with this one. Bottom line, you need tape to grip the puck, not a band aid...


Artemi Panarin: Double Trouble


I've seen two tone TJs before, and let me tell you, they are usually not this pretty. say what you want about it, but this is a classic spin off the old Kovelchuk 1/3 toe to heel TJ, as referenced above you need tape on your blade to grip, Panarin sneaks some black in there over his already black blade to complete this gem of a TJ.


Phil Kessel: Candy Cane

No one pulls of the candy cane quite like the ever socially awkward Kessel. Having a great year with the Pens probably should be chalked up to his skills taping his twig... 


Detroit Red Wings: Cancer Awareness

One of the best things about the NHL in my opinion is their involvement with cancer awareness, research and prevention. Every year they seem to get better and more vocal about finding a cure and supporting research. Plus, check out that TJ on Tatar... 


Honorable Mention (not form 2016) Borje Salming: Red Wing Red

I mean, are there words needed here? Salming had a wonderful and successful career in the NHL. This gem was taken during the 89-90 season. The wings are known for their players style (a' la Sergei Federov's white Nikes) and this fits perfectly. Wouldn't want to catch anyone with this TJ in todays NHL, can you say chirp city?


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