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Hockey Talk: The Importance of Wax on Your TJ

Paul Ward

We all love a fresh TJ. Whether it’s using white or black tape, the finished product always looks just a little bit better with that fresh coat of wax. Let’s take a look at some of the thing wax can do for your TJ. 

  • Grip

The purpose of taping our sticks revolves around the ability to better handle the puck. Wax created a waterproof barrier that not only keeps the tape (temporarily) for getting wet, but also provides just a little tackiness to the blade for added control. Pro tip: don’t be the guy who dips your TJ into a bucket of wax, see below.

  • Style

A good looking TJ, is a good looking TJ. Adding some wax can give it that look that we all crave before we step out onto the ice. Look good, feel good am I right? Add some wax to your TJ for a nice clean look, a little wax over a black TJ really looks nice.

  • Longevity

Stick and blade care is pretty important unless you are getting your sticks for free.  Applying a fresh coat of wax after a new TJ can protect the blade, even if just a little, from some of the hardships of the corners or those sick toe drags we know you guys are pulling.

  • Comfort

Having the right feel on your twig makes all the difference. The feeling of a freshly waxed stick vs one that is not can really be felt on the ice, especially after a few shifts. Unless you want to be applying a new TJ every time you get off the ice, (personally we wouldn’t mind that, the shop is here) We suggest having a bar of wax in that bag.


Do you use wax? Let us know on social media, or share a pic of your waxy TJ on Instagram or Twitter for a mention.  As always check out product selection out below. #StayTaped boys.


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