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The Magic of Playoff Hockey

Paul Ward

If you watch hockey, you know things really get kicked up a notch for the playoffs. If you LOVE hockey, the playoffs get you excited beyond belief. why you ask?


Ever since I was a kid and began to understand the game, these few months out of the year became my favorite. while the NBA playoffs are also going on, the NHL playoffs are slowly growing and becoming more popular. All year I hear about how no one watched hockey in the US, and how other sports eclipse hockey on a  regular basis. This time of the year is the time when our spot shines in the public eye as well.



All joking aside, this is literally the most wonderful time of the year for a hockey fan, and with the Conference Finals underway, we are all in for a treat. In the West, we have two teams that have not had a taste of the deep playoff run, and in the East there are two teams that know exactly where they are and what to do.



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