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Types of hockey tape jobs

Daniel Sosa

Did you catch our #PlayersByTheirTapeJobs series?
We love how almost every hockey player style tends to have come consistency to their tape jobs. It's a way of defining how you interact with the puck. So we decided to have some fun, breaking down each hockey player by their tape jobs. Enjoy!
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#TheEuroSniper = This guy is all about style, takes 50 minutes getting dressed 40 of them are spent taping his stick, he will look you off on a 3 on 0 and go high glove 100% of time. Feed this tape job the puck with caution.

#TheBender= This guy has played hockey for years and has taped his stick only ONE TIME which is more times than he has scored, however he is the nicest guy on the team and always brings the beers. Hate him on the ice but love him in the Locker room.

#TheSeasonedVet = No frills, Works Hard, Dumps the puck. This guy is dependable and often times finds himself wearing the C, and ohh yeah biggest A-hole on the team.

#TheGrinder =Barely tapes his stick because theres really no need to tape your stick to chirp players, harass the goalie and slash danglers. This guy is better off skipping practice and watching UFC

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