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How much hockey tape does a hockey player need?

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This is the question every hockey player and hockey parent asks themselves at some point or another, and the answer is....... Nobody knows. Well nobody but You! Every hockey player has different needs depending on several factors which are Playing frequency, Playing style, Taping Preference. Lets not forget the most important one how many of your teammates are tape moochers.


However taking these factors into consideration we can guesstimate how much tape you/your player will need depending on age and frequency on ice, tape amounts then should be increased or decreased to fine tune the right amount to fit the type of player.

Age 2-7 (1-2 skates/week) (1-2 rolls a month) for this age you don't need much tape at all, there's hardly any wear on their stick blade and are too small to need shin tape (most shin pads offer enough support via straps for youth players) 

Age 8-14 (2-3 skates/week) (1-3 rolls a month)  at this age players are now beginning use shin tape learning how to tape their sticks and skating a bit more often. Also their new strength is making the stick tape deteriorate faster.

Age 15-20 (2-7 skates/week) (3-10 rolls a month) This is the trickiest age group, players in this age group vary greatly in playing frequency and tape usage preferences so lets break them into 3 general categories.

  • In House/Rec (3 rolls a month) tape your shins a few times a week maybe your stick every other skate
  • Travel (3-6 rolls a month) Now you're definitely playing high level hockey at your full power and most likely skating 3-4 times per week. Keep the tape job fresh and chase you dreams! 

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