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Finding the perfect hockey stick CURVE.

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What is the best curve for your hockey stick?

There comes a time in your hockey career where you have to ask yourself, which blade should I choose when buying a hockey stick?  Is what i'm using the best curve for me or should I switch and try something different? There's a problem, nowadays trying a new blade isn't cheap especially if it doesn't work out. Bad curve experiences could steer you away in the future from trying something new that could improve your game. To help you we want to give some information and advice on different curves that could help in choosing the best hockey stick for you.

But before we get into the details it is important to state that ultimately the right blade/stick, is what feels the best in your hands when controlling, passing and shooting the puck, however different curves offer a range of advantages and disadvantages so you must ask yourself what is the best blade for me.

There are thousands of curve variations, but we will categorize  them into 4 general groups Heel curves, Mid Heel, Mid Curve, and Toe Curve and then the sub-category of either open or closed face. As we stated earlier all these curves have their benefits and drawbacks and you have to choose what type of curve best complements your game. A good way to choose a blade pattern/curve is to ask yourself….

What Kind of player am I?

Dangler/playmaker (Ex. Datsyuk)

You love puck possession and playing keep away with the defensemen while you look for that perfect set-up pass, calm and able to keep the puck on a string.
  • Best Blade/Curve Recommendation:  Mid curve, neutral face round toe. (Bauer:Kane Easton:Zetterberg CCM:Hossa)  Mid curve, neutral face round toe. (Bauer:Kane Easton:Zetterberg CCM:Hossa)
Why: This curve allows you to do a large variety of moves while keeping the puck firmly in your grasp, and gives you precise passing.

Sniper (Ex. Stamkos)

You love ripping wrist shots, always looking to pick those corners, you usually find yourself shooting from the slot or mid-stride while wheeling down the wing. Oh and you’re all about going top cheese where mom keeps the cookies.
  • Best Blade/Curve Recomendation:  Mid-heel curve, open face round toe. (Bauer: Backstrom Easton: Hall CCM :Nugent Hopkins)
Why: This is good for cradling the puck for that high wrist shot, the open toe makes it easy to put the puck top shelf from in tight and also good for stickhandling

Grinder (Ex. Franzen)

A truly competitive spirit you’re all about that work ethic,  beating up guys in the corner and coming out with the puck, and of course banging in those rebound goals.  No frills for you just do what needs to be done to win the game. Coaches love this guy
  • Best Blade/Curve Recommendations: Very slight mid-curve, neutral/slightly open face, round toe. (Bauer: Stamkos/Malkin Easton: Iginla/Heatley CCM: Lecavalier)
Why? This curve allows you to do everything right without getting too complicated, helps control those bouncing rebounds and make the quick pass out of the corner. Best for the K.I.S.S mentality (Keep It Simple Stupid) like my coach used to say  

Stay at home Defenseman (Ex. Lidstrom)

This is a tough one because a defenseman can also be any of the categories above, however a true STAY-AT-HOME D is a unique style of player, you’re main concern is breaking up the opponent's plays, recovering the puck, and taking booming slap shots from the point (and catching players with their heads down).
  • Best Blade/Curve Recommendations: Heel curve (almost straight), open face square or round toe. (Bauer: Kronwall or Staal Easton: Getzlaf CCM: Galchenyuk)
Why: This curve pattern makes it easy to dig out the puck from the corners (this is where the square toes comes in), control and clear bouncing pucks, and make the smart outlet passes.

Spot-up shooter (Ex. Ovechkin)

This is for the snipers that love to hang out in the slot or on their off wing by the hash marks to get those one timer/quick receive and release shots
  • Best Blade/Curve Recommendations: Mid-Toe curve,very open face round toe. (The true Ovechkin Curve)

Things to consider

  1. The name they use for the pattern does reflect the pattern that player uses in the NHL, for example a sniper like Stamkos uses a pattern much closer to the Backstrom P92 which is much different than the Stamkos PM9 pattern
  2. These are just suggestions and observation ultimately only you can decide what’s best for you.
  3. A stick, curve, skates don't make the player, only practice and hard work can truly improve your game.
  4. And always remember #STAYTAPED


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