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Why Join a subscription business for hockey tape?

You may ask yourself, Tape subscription? I've never heard of that before, what benefits would a tape subscription have? Benefits of Joining DTC (Dollar Tape Club) are many and can be broken down in 3 major categories 1.Convenience 2.Savings 3.Quality.


The tape you need to your door every month. We know to play hockey you need hockey tape, that is a universal truth. How many times do you find yourself  in the locker room without tape already in the locker room and have to run out to the shop (if you’re lucky your rink has one) or worse, borrow tape from your teammates. With a hockey tape subscription, your hockey bag will be seamlessly stocked with quality hockey tape.

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2. Savings

We work directly with manufacturers to cut out the a variety of “middlemen” and save you the “Pro Shop tax”, with DTC we save you 30-60% per roll, plus it is shipped to you! Those savings can be put toward your next expensive piece of equipment, or even better towards more ice time. Why pay premium prices for the same or lower quality tape we believe hockey is too expensive as it is, and we should not have to overpay for something as simple as tape.

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Unfortunately all tapes are not created equal, we’re hockey players too and we know this all too well. There is nothing worse than having to re-tape your stick or your shins mid-game which is why we use only the highest quality tape as tested by us. We are always asking for feedback from our members and associates to continue to improve on the tape we use and the service we provide. Once you’re a member you can rest easy knowing that you’ll always have high-quality tape in stock and ready to help you play your next big game.

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We at DTC put member satisfaction above all else we’re hockey players and we want to provide a satisfactory and enjoyable experience to our hockey community. We (Adrian and Daniel -DTC co-founders) are always one email away to listen to your feedback and work through any of your concerns, so please feel free to contact us with any Questions, Concerns, or Feedback at Dollartapeclub@gmail.com

Thank you and as always STAYTAPED

Adrian Sosa

Co-founder DTC/Hockey Player

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