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Hockey Season is over! It's the Off-Season…What do I do now??

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Now that the NHL hockey season is officially over it's time for the off-season. I know most of you guys and gals are not pro players yet and don't have personal trainers, so how do you stay in shape during the off-season? What do you do to get better during this time? Do you rest so you can gather back all that energy? Or the opposite, do you train hard to make yourself better at a weak point in your game? Well the truth is that both are equally important and help out tremendously so finding the right balance is key...Check out Teemu Selanne. 

Rest is the weapon...

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Say you are in training mode, what are some of your exercises you do? Do you focus on speed or power? Or do you mix it up and try to go for both? It is easy getting pumped to play a game, but not many bring that same energy to off ice training. This is why focus and a good training regimen can help tremendously in keeping away hockey’s biggest enemy "LAZINESS". Trying different sports such as cross training can keep you in better cardiovascular shape, develop new skills, and keep your competitive edge. As for choosing the right exercises in the gym, find good hockey specific workouts and focus on strengthening your main weaknesses. For example if you're a strong skater but have a weak shot you should devote more time to wrist workouts.  Here is our favorite, the wrist roller (all you need is a stick/pipe/cut broomstick, a chord/rope, and a 5-20lbs weight).   

However, remember that rest is every bit as important as training, after a long season it's always a good idea to take a week or two off. Relax by the pool or in a backyard, this will give your body time to recuperate so that you can start your training fresh. Taking time to recover helps prevent injuries and keeps you wanting more once the season begins. RISK: Too much time off you can get stuck in that "Laziness" mode. (Dare we say you can even mix relaxation with training if you're creative, check out our favorite beach hockey game "Bockey") 


Everyone has different needs so it is up to you to find the right balance of rest and exercise. Always listen to your body and look for signs of overexertion. The last thing you want is to hurt yourself training, but stay vigilant and don't allow necessary rest to turn into "laziness". Enjoy your off-season and follow our new video blog "How to Hockey" for training tips and advice.

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