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The Guide To Bargain Hockey Stick Shopping on Ebay

Paul Ward

EBay is an awesome place to both buy and sell hockey items of all kinds. From hockey equipment to memorabilia, the internet holds a vast inventory of items you may not necessarily be able to get in pro shops. But, there is a catch, online shopping is a skill. The focus of this post is to highlight and provide guidance in buying a solid, reliable, and most importantly, top of the line gently used or new hockey sticks on Ebay at an honest price.

Ebay Hockey Stick Shopping

Pro Stock. One of the most important and telling terms when it comes to a stick. Pro stock sticks are designed with the professional in mind. Each stick is customized to that individual player. This can hinder some of the consistency of curve patterns and flexes, but the pictures provided can help identify a unique curve pattern. When searching EBay for a pro stock stick, it is important to make sure the listing says “pro stock”, and displays the name of the player on the shaft. Don’t be fooled, we have seen many sticks trying to be passed off as pro stock when they are only the base model.

How to buy hockey sticks on ebay

Pictures are an absolute must when online shopping. Pictures display the condition of the shaft, and preferably close ups of the blade on both sides. It will also confirm the handedness of the stick. Remember, you won’t be able to touch or feel this stick until it arrives. Sellers may throw a stick with a soft blade, list it “as-is” and make a quick sale due to a lowered price. This is something to look out for. The more pictures the better, and asking the seller to provide more is never a bad idea. Pictures will also give you an idea of the length of the stick. The seller should list the length in inches in the description. If not, always request a length in a message.

The next item to review is usage history. The seller should list the number of uses, or general condition of the stick in the description. This coupled with the photos should be enough to identify any potential major flaws.

Many pro stock listings will be pro returns and may be unused. Pro players break A LOT of sticks, which means that companies need to meet the demand, sometimes causing an overflow of inventory. Gently used pro stock sticks are a goldmine for nabbing a cheap yet effective stick. For example, I was able to make 2 solid purchases of a CCM Tacks and Ribcor 40k, each at around $90 with VERY gentle use. I’ve had both for over 3 months now using them 2-3 times week and couldn’t be happier. I have also purchased new pro-return sticks and been satisfied. Some sellers are even willing to negotiate if the listing is a “buy it now”.

There is no hidden secret to EBay stick buying. Doing research as well as making sure the seller is honest play the largest role in securing an item that you can use consistently. Ebay is a great marketplace for hockey. Surf on over to and grab yourself a solid twig. Remeber there is no better way to welcome your new twig than we a solid TJ from #staytaped

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