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The 5 MUST Draft Fantasy Hockey Players: Forwards

Paul Ward

If you love fantasy hockey, DTC has got something for you. Here at DTC wanted to provide our top picks for this upcoming year.  Keep in mind, these are our personal picks so they may be a little bit different from some others out there.  Let’s count down our top 5 players for a few categories. This time we look at Forwards.

  1.    Sidney Crosby (#2 Yahoo)

Pretty self-explanatory, Sid the Kid is an elite player in his own class. With the addition of a slimmed down Phil Kessel who will very likely be on his line, you can expect the best out of Crosby this year. This would be the choice pickup for any league.

Sidney Crosby (#2 Yahoo)

  1.    Alex Ovechkin (#1 Yahoo)

If you want point production, Ovie is your man, the only downside to his play this last few seasons has been his (still ever improving) plus minus. A balanced team shouldn’t suffer at all from the addition of Ovechkin.

Alex Ovechkin (#1 Yahoo)
  1.       Steven Stamkos (#4 Yahoo)

Stamkos recently made the comment that he thought McDavid was better than he is right now. Mcdavid quickly responded he didn’t think that was true. Neither do we, Stamkos is a young leader who has consistent scoring year after year.  Although contract years usually have an effect on players, Stamkos has stated openly that he just wants to worry about the game. If you can’t snag Ovie or Crosby with your first pick, Stammer isn’t that far behind.

   Steven Stamkos (#4 Yahoo)

  1.       John Tavares (#3 Yahoo)

The Islanders continue to improve, and so does Tavares. Let’s not forget how young this player still is. His faceoff skills and puck possession time speak for themselves, putting Tavares high atop many fantasy wish lists.

 John Tavares (#3 Yahoo)

  1.       Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin (#6 and #5 respectively Yahoo)

Choosing between these two is so hard; we had to put them both in here. Ever since Seguin was traded to Dallas, it’s been hard to find a better fitting pair of forwards. (the Sedin's come to mind). It would be a treat as well as a steal to have one or both of these players on your fantasy squad.


Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin (#6 and #5 respectively Yahoo)

I know what you're thinking, so let’s hear it. Do you agree or disagree? Comment below. Also, stay tuned for our monthly fantasy series as we have goalies and defensemen coming soon. #staytaped



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