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5 Funniest Hockey Cards of All Time

Paul Ward

I was fooling around with some of my old stuff, when I came across a shoebox just full of hockey cards. As I looked through them I remembered how many whacky cards I had seen over the years, so here are my top 5 funniest looking hockey cards.

  1. Lanny McDonald:  Ah the olden days, this one is a straight gem of a card. Lanny was known for his mustache and smile. Add a little Molson advertising to it, and you got yourself one heck of a hockey card
    lenny Mcdonald hockey card
  2. Steve Yzerman: I’ve always been a fan of Stevie Y, but this card just makes me laugh. I can’t imagine how he must have felt sitting in that chair getting instructions from the photographer like a grade school kid “Ok, tilt your chin back to the right just a little…”
    Yzerman Hockey Card
  3. Dominik Hasek: One could say Hasek was the Ilya Bryzgalov of the 90’s. Unlike Bryz, The Domintor racked up hall of fame numbers and became a household name due to his unique style. I’ve seen quite a few interviews and specials on the guy, and I totally agree with the goalies are a little weird style of thinking. I think Dom might be thinking the same thing, we will never know.
    Hasek Hockey Card
  4. Dino Ciccarelli: What else needs to be said about this? He is feeding a rhino, on a hockey card. Dino was and still is a wildly popular player from his time with the North Stars, Wings, Caps, Lighting, and Panthers. He scored a lot of big game goals over his career, but I will always remember him as the dude feeding the rhino on his hockey card.
    Dino Ciccarelli Hockey Card
  5. Jerome Iginla: Iggy is known (as a large group of NHL players are) as a multi-talented athlete. Here he is presumably before a skate, playing ping pong. This is the quintessential 90’s hockey card for me. I vividly remember opening this card and seeing what looked like a man in full underwear playing ping pong. Thank God it wasn’t in the same pack as Rhino Dino.
    Iginla funny hockey card

Honorable Mention:

Jaromir Jagr: This guys mullet should have it's own 24/7 Series. 

Jagr Mullet Hockey Card




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