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5 Things Only A Hockey Winger Would Understand

Daniel Sosa

Winger, one of the great positions in hockey. You get to snipe, toss apples, look pretty and hopefully backcheck a little less. Here's our little tribute to wingers, with 5 things only a hockey winger would understand. (After this check out our "You Know You're a Hockey Player If...")

You've taken more SlapShots to the foot than any person should ever take: 

Unfortunately the "regular" world will never understand the pain of taking a shot to the foot or ankle. Is there anything that can ruin your game as fast as a clapper to the foot? I don't think so. F#%& that hurts!

But, let's face it unless you're a D-man, you are way too cool for one of those plastic skate fenders. So lace them up, block the shot, and pray the puck bounces perfect for your breakaway. Dangle, snipe, celly. 

skate puck fender

You either love or hate the corner battles

It's a simple equation: You're either owning the battle, getting owned, or there's a gigantic monster with 2 teeth that is about to ruin all your fun for the next week. Either way, coach is watching and your girl is in the stands, so sack up and get that puck out.

In a perfect world your center is there with support. Unfortunately your line mate is showing off his flow to the blonde in the stands while Johnny No-Teeth is coming in hot with 2 hands.

hockey corner battle

Your "Off-Wing" Shot is pure beauty

Every now and then you play the off-wing or coach sets you up for the PP. Either way, you're gonna stay there waiting for it. If it comes, you know the routine. Bar down, chirp the d-man, celly with the boys. If you need some tips on this, simply watch 80% of Ovi's powerplay goals. Pure radar. 

Backchecking is overrated

They're probably not going to score on this one right? Why the heck do we have two d-men for if I have to hustle back after getting drilled in the corner? For the win, thats why.

Unless you're in the beer leagues like me, then you just watch and wait for the breakaway. #staytaped. 

backchecking in hockey

Your break out swing is on point!

If only there was no neutral zone. Well there is and you practiced all week. Nothing breaks down the other team like a great break out. You see the puck going around, a little eye contact with your swing man, and it's go time. The rest is history. 

hockey breakout



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