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Hockey How-To: Customizing the curve of your Hockey Stick

Paul Ward

**Disclaimer: Most if not all stick manufactures do not consider altering the blade of the stick part of regular warranty. Heating the blade too hot for too long can and will compromise the integrity of the material. Please follow guide at own risk, no one wants you to ruin your twig!**

Everyone loves something about their stick. For a lot of players the curve plays a huge part in both how the puck is handled and released.  If you aren’t happy with the curve of your stick, or want to try something new, take a look at the steps below to customize the curve. This is a pseudo replacement for the torches that you see the pros using before games. Make your stick your own form the comfort of your home.


  • A pot large and deep enough to immerse 70-80% of the blade at one time (don't worry you wont be putting the blade in the water.)
  • A stove
  • Water
  • Your twig
  • Oven mitt or heatproof glove
  • (optional) vice/clamps and towel

Heating your stick curve

Step 1: Bring water to a light boil (Think hard boiled eggs)

Step 2: Slowly, starting with the toe, move the blade back and forth over the steam. Continue this process for 10-15 minutes. Here is where the potential risk comes in. we see pros using a torch to curve their sticks before games, they get sticks for free, so if they overheat a little bit its not the end of the world. Make sure you keep a steady eye on the blade during this time.

Step 3: The blade will be very, very hot. If you have grips or a vice, this is the time the clamp and mold as needed. Make sure not to tighten too hard, the material will respond to almost any pressure.

Step 4: Once you have what you want, there are a few things that can be done. Taking the stick from intense heat to intense cold is never a good idea, try to let the stick and blade dry slowly and naturally at room temp.


There you have it, your own custom blade. Take a look below at some of the crazy ones we found out on the internet:



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