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Beer League Hockey: How to Survive the Mini Holiday Off Season

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Not enough time to golf, even if you wanted to. Unless you live in Florida like us, the mini holiday offseason can be a hard and depressing time. Ok, maybe I’m making it sound a little over the top, but not playing hockey when you want to always sucks. Luckily the guys here at DTC have created a mini guide to surviving the dry spell.


Tip 1. Enjoy some of this year’s best highlights to keep you in the mood.


Tip 2. If you live somewhere cold, look for a frozen pond. Chances are if you live anywhere above the Ohio, you can find people skating or playing on bodies of water. We can’t be as lucky as this guy though:


Tip 3. Play some Chel, there is nothing like getting together with your buddies and going at it over and Xbox or Ps4.


Tip 4. Work out, there is going to be a lot of holiday eating going on. Make sure you don’t lose too many steps by getting a jog or lift in a couple time over the holiday. We aren’t saying this is a must, but it won’t hurt your game when you return.


Tip 5. Enjoy friends and Family. If you’re reading this chances are you love hockey, we do too, but the most important part of the holiday season is being together with your family and friends. Whether they enjoy the game as much as you do or not, this time of year is great for bringing people together.



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