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Growing the Perfect Hockey Flow, A Guide

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Every Hockey players at one point or another dreams of having perfect flow. There are many different kinds and styles. Everyone's hair grows differently, but if you want to cultivate a beautiful bed of lettuce, you gotta water the seeds. check out below for some tips on keeping that flow manicured and fresh. Who knows maybe you'll end up looking like one of these gems:
1. Wear a hat
This tip may seem simple, and it really is. Putting one on right out of the shower works the best. Your hats may smell a bit but its all worth it for that patented "swoop" a hat gives the back of the hair. Don't believe us? check out a post game presser sometime:
2. Give it time
You cant grow greatness overnight. Too many times have we seen one of our boys on the cusp of glory, only to be defeated by a haircut.  Be patient and let the flow come to you. Try not to think about it, and keep the end goal in mind.
3. Know your hair
Every flow is different. Not everyone can rock a Kaner, just like not everyone can pull off a Melrose (Do any of us want to though?)
You may need to treat the process differently depending on what kind of hair you have. If its super curly, your flow will look and grow differently than someone who has completely straight hair. Regardless, all flow is beautiful flow.
4. Make it your own
If everyone's hairdo looked the same on and off the ice, what fun would that be? Now adays the kids are getting crazy with all types of "flowcessories" from shaving streaks in the sides, to full blown ponys. The growing process may be long and boring, but the result is well worth it. 
One of the best parts of growing and flowing, is skating and feeling the rewards of your labor. 

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