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How to tape a hockey stick Butt End like a pro - How To Hockey

Announcing DollarTapeClub’s “How to hockey: Quick tips"; Weekly videos (on our Youtube and Blog) in which we give you quick tips, exercises, and drills you can do which will help you better your game. 

Off season hockey tips

Why Join a subscription business for hockey tape?

You may ask yourself, Tape subscription? I've never heard of that before, what benefits would a tape subscription have? Benefits of Joining DTC (Dollar Tape Club) are many and can be broken down in 3 major categories 1.Convenience 2.Savings 3.Quality. 1.Convenience The tape you need to your door every month. We know to play hockey you need hockey tape, that is a universal truth. How many times do you find yourself  in the locker room without tape already in the locker room and have to run out to the shop (if you’re lucky your rink has one) or worse, borrow...

How to tape a hockey stick (plus taping the toe) - DollarTapeClub.com

For those searching and looking to learn more about how to tape your hockey stick, I make sure to talk about some myths and other important points every hockey player should know.