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McDavid, Eichel, and the Next Generation of Hockey Player

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No matter how you spin it, this NHL season is going to be one for the books. From a draft class not seen in years, to an offseason full of interesting and exciting free agent signings, we are in for a real treat. Lockouts and steady rule changes have morphed the game into the high speed skill based play we are starting to see more and more with the newer crops of players entering the pro ranks. The most exciting and well known of this new breed, American Jack Eichel and Canadian Connor McDavid are poised to make a huge impact. 

Top 5 Hockey TJ’s in the NHL

The NHL is made up of the best players from around the globe. Each of those players have their own play styles, strength’s and weaknesses, and even Tape Jobs. Yes, I said Tape Jobs.

Phill Kessel Tape Job Hockey