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How do we achieve such good pricing on our Hockey Tape?

How much hockey tape does a hockey player need?

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This is the question every hockey player and hockey parent asks themselves at some point or another, and the answer is....... Nobody knows. Well nobody but You! Every hockey player has different needs depending on several factors which are Playing frequency, Playing style, Taping Preference. Lets not forget the most important one how many of your teammates are tape moochers.     However taking these factors into consideration we can guesstimate how much tape you/your player will need depending on age and frequency on ice, tape amounts then should be increased or decreased to fine tune the right amount to fit...

Our new favorite show: The Beer League on Youtube only

Daniel Sosa

We typically only share original content, but just ran into this is beauty and cannot stop watching it. Few people here in the US have seen it.  Basically it follows the life of a beer league team, and the typical shenanigans we all get into. Trust me on this one...just hit play:  This is the pilot episode of the half hour comedy series. Originally aired in Canada December 17, 2011 on CityTV.

Types of hockey tape jobs

Daniel Sosa

Did you catch our #PlayersByTheirTapeJobs series? We love how almost every hockey player style tends to have come consistency to their tape jobs. It's a way of defining how you interact with the puck. So we decided to have some fun, breaking down each hockey player by their tape jobs. Enjoy! Tag if you have these guys on your team.#TheEuroSniper = This guy is all about style, takes 50 minutes getting dressed 40 of them are spent taping his stick, he will look you off on a 3 on 0 and go high glove 100% of time. Feed this tape...