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NHL 17 Cover Vote

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The NHL 17 cover vote is almost complete. The voting ends soon and the new Cover Athlete as well as the first game play footage will be shown at the NHL awards in Vegas on June 22.

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The Playoff Beard

DollarTape Club

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One of the most exciting traditions in playoff hockey is the playoff beard. Popular culture states that the trend was started by the New York Islanders during their dynastic cup run.

The Magic of Playoff Hockey

Paul Ward

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If you watch hockey, you know things really get kicked up a notch for the playoffs. If you LOVE hockey, the playoffs get you excited beyond belief. why you ask?


Hockey Talk: The Importance of Wax on Your TJ

Paul Ward

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We all love a fresh TJ. Whether it’s using white or black tape, the finished product always looks just a little bit better with that fresh coat of wax. Let’s take a look at some of the thing wax can do for your TJ.  Grip The purpose of taping our sticks revolves around the ability to better handle the puck. Wax created a waterproof barrier that not only keeps the tape (temporarily) for getting wet, but also provides just a little tackiness to the blade for added control. Pro tip: don’t be the guy who dips your TJ into a...

Best (and Worst?) TJs of the Season

Paul Ward

Its been a great season. As we wind down and look forward to the playoffs, lets take quick look at some of the TJs that we loved, and maybe a few not so much...