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Top 5 Plays of the Regular Season so Far

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Playoffs are almost here, lets take a look at some of the sickest plays from around the league so far in the 2015-16 season.

These 3 Exercises will Strengthen your stride during the Offseason

Paul Ward

The season is winding down for a lot of teams around the hockey world. One thing every hockey player can agree on is offseason, off ice training is pivotal to maintaining and expanding your game. Check out the below exercises to boost and strengthen your legs and stride.

Top 4 Myths About Hockey Tape

Paul Ward

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Hi Everyone! This post is meant to engage hockey players in a conversation on hockey tape best practices. We'd love to hear and see some unique and amazing ways you play the greatest sport on earth. So PLEASE comment below.  MYTH: The traditional view was that black tape was preferred because goalies couldn’t see pucks as easily on the sticks. TRUTH: My sense is that’s a dated theory ... Maybe at the very highest level, a goalie can focus on the position of a puck on a stick blade, but the reality is that that’s a long way down. You have...

You Know You're A Hockey Player If...

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Hockey players are a breed like no other. The only people in the world who think it's cool when they lose a tooth, but still classy enough to punch the guy who did it. Here's how you know if you're a hockey player...  You know exactly how long until the warranty expires on your new twig. Skinny jeans are simply not an option (Hockey legs). People don't understand why you call them buddy. Your feet have more bumps than toes  You refer to the NHL as The SHOW. A nice sauce is a thing of beauty.  You can out-chirp the...

DTC's top 5 Favorite Hockey Shirts

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If you are a hockey player, chances are you love to rep the game, and some of your favorite brands. check out out top picks for this year and make sure you look the part, you beauty.