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Subscription Hockey Tape

ALL-STAR: 6-Rolls (1 inch x 27 yds!! 2.00/Roll)

$ 13.00

Some of you beauty's out there require a fresh tape job before you step on the ice...lets be honest, we all want that. So here's the ALL-Star option, to make sure you never run out of hockey tape and your new box from Dollar Tape Club arrives just on time every month.

Rolls Size: 1 inch x 27 yards! We send you full size quality tape, do not be fooled by low prices competitors.

You may be an ALL-Star if:

You practice several times a week, have games on the weekends, or if you just skate a few times a week but need that tape to look fresh every time. Hey, you know what they say look good play good, and what looks better than a fresh tape job and some nicely taped shins? NOTHING thats what. With this option you should have tape to Last you the month and you can even afford to be the good guy in the room and let your teammates borrow some, that is after the promise to sign up for Dollar Tape Club ASAP of course.

This one is for you:

  • You play hockey 3-7 times per week
  • You play 1-3 times a week but have teammates who forget to buy tape 1-3 times a week
  • Spend more time on the pond than the fishermen.

Tape Specs:

  • Same tape the pros demand - used by teams in ECHL, AHL & NHL
  • Great exterior grip
  • High thread count
  • Perfect amount of adhesive
  • Water resistant & durable

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