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About Us

Like all great companies Dollar Tape Club™ came from a problem we were having. Having played hockey our whole lives, we realized the amount we were spending on hockey tape is crazy. How can a pro-shop charge $4-$5 for a roll of hockey tape. So we fixed it! Same high quality tape, direct to the hockey player for a fraction of the middle man needed.

Our company is growing fast, and we are driven by a single goal: Keep hockey as the greatest sport on earth. We want to make this amazing sport accessible to everyone, and by taking small steps to build a brand that focuses on quality, efficiency, and customer service we will help hockey players and families all over the world to continue to #Staytaped. Our tape is the most used brand by professional hockey players in the AHL and ECHL, and we have built a model for subscription hockey tape that allows us to provide the same tape directly from manufacturing to your doorstep for a fraction of the price. So stop paying "The Pro-Shop Tax" and join ™. 

Important things to know:

  • We are a hockey family. Period.
  • Tape quality matters. We will never provide lower quality tape. 
  • We love social media! If you talk, we talk back. Tweet us! 
  • Invite us to your hockey tournaments! We will play, bring tape, and possibly win ;) 


Meet Our Executive Team: 

Stavros Moforis-Hockey Dad

  1. Don't be afraid to dangle through obstacles
  2. When life gives you an opening go for the snipe
  3. Always celly your accomplishments
  4. AKA: Dangle, Snipe, Celly 


Samuel Moforis:

  1. Some people dream of success, other wake up every morning and work hard at it. 
  2. Tape your twig before every game.


Anthony Moforis- Defense: Keys to success in life

  1. Working for a living, playing hockey for fun. Who says you can't mix business and pleasure?

Luke Moforis- Goalie: