THE PLAYER 3 ROLLS Hockey Tape Rolls Monthly Subscription - Dollar Tape Club

THE PLAYER: 3 Rolls ( 1 inch x 27 yards!! $2.33/Roll)

$ 7.00

The original and most popular is The Player. This one is for all you beauty's who know what you need to do; lace em up, dig into those corners, and let your flow do the rest. A great option of 2 cloth rolls of tape and 1 clear roll delivered monthly to make sure your twig (hockey stick) and your shins are ready to go day in and day out.

Rolls Size: 1 inch x 27 yards! We send you full size quality tape, do not be fooled by low prices competitors.

You are The Player if:

Here we have your player option, this is best for your Beer leaguers, Weekend warriors, House league players, or any hockey player who uses little shin tape (plastic) and tapes his stick only a few times a month. Also not big into sharing (you know who you are, and we applaud you).

This option is best for you if:

  • You play hockey 1-2 times per week

Tape Specs:

  • Same tape the pros demand - used by teams in ECHL, AHL & NHL
  • Great exterior grip
  • High thread count
  • Perfect amount of adhesive
  • Water resistant & durable

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