The Team: 40 Hockey Tape rolls Monthly Subscription - Dollar Tape Club

THE TEAM: 30 ROLLS ( 1 inch x 27 yards rolls!!!)

$ 57.50

You and the rest of the goon squad require a fresh tape job before you step on the ice. It's game time, and we must win. Seriously, we need to win this game. Stock up the locker room, tape the main shooter, the backup, and the shins, and get your game faces on fella's because it is game time. The Team option, stocks up your entire hockey team monthly for an absolute killer price. With a combo of 40 rolls, we leave you with the time and money to focus on what matters most.

Rolls Size: 1 inch x 27 yards! We send you full size quality tape, do not be fooled by low prices competitors.

You need The Team if:

Whether you are a travel, junior, College, or pro hockey team you all need tape. So stock up the hockey locker room with a reliable source that will keep you stocked with hockey tape without leaving your wallet empty. This option is set up to help hockey teams keep their players happy through the season. Do a little research on color preferences for the team, tweak your box, and game on! Why buy 10 boxes of tape before the season at marked up prices when you can save with us, and have it delivered right on time.

This one if for you if:

  • You want to supply tape for an entire team
  • Are building a house completely out of hockey tape
  • You're the bender on the team and need to earn some street cred
  • Looking for amazing price on wholesale tape! = $95 per month

Tape Specs:

  • Same tape the pros demand - used by teams in ECHL, AHL & NHL
  • Great exterior grip
  • High thread count
  • Perfect amount of adhesive
  • Water resistant & durable

*Please feel free to contact us if you'd like a tape combination not currently offered.
*"Staytaped" Discount code does not apply to The Team

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